Warlock Four-Player AAR – The Command Tent Round 1

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LongBlade: So far this four-player game of turn-based mayhem is going smashingly well. MetalDog kicked things off with a bang. Then we looked in on Bartheart to see how his kingdom was faring. For whatever reason Tuna’s initial moves have been lost to the instabilities of the magic weave. But fear not! I have his subsequent reports. So it is that we now turn to The Command Tent to peer in on his nascent empire…

The Command Tent: Turn 1

Behold my mighty city of Sagecliff.  Set on the coast and north of a natural bottleneck that will make defending enemy attacks from the south much easier.  First order of business is to explore the surrounding areas to find the other mages as well as scout for possible city locations.

Warlock Four-Player-AAR-Session1-TCT Turn 1

Turn 3

Scouting to the north revels that my city lies near the top of the map, while scouting to the south quickly brings me into contact with MetalDog’s kingdom (blue).  Seeing as MD is a very experienced Warlock player (and I am not) this is not the best news.  Also of note to the east of my archer/scout is a Minotaur pit as wells as a pig resource.  Both of these will greatly help my fledgling kingdom. If I can found a city quickly near them I can also use it as a buffer between MD’s kingdom and my capital.

Warlock Four-Player-AAR-Session1-TCT Turn 3


Turn 6

It looks like Barthheart (yellow, but LB uses amber as it’s easier on the eyes) is also located to my south and in close proximity to MD.  Hopefully this will work to my advantage as they will occupy each other.  Or it will blow up in my face and they will ally with one another and steamroll me.

Warlock Four-Player-AAR-Session1-TCT Turn 6

Turn 9

Well, it looks like MD had the same thought as me and was able to build a city one turn before I could and in so doing forced me to start my city a hex away from the more defensible hill location.  I am still closer to the Minotaur pit than he is and if I can take advantage of that resource it will go a long way in ensuring my kingdom’s survival.  However, with MD being a seasoned Warlocker I am sure he is aware of this and will not let me take the resource so easily.  I have a feeling my new city of Kingford will play an important role in the coming game.  Meanwhile to the west of my capital I discover the undead city of Tarcarn and hope to take it quickly in order to expand westward and find the remaining mage, Tuna.

Warlock Four-Player-AAR-Session1-TCT Turn 9

Turn 18a

I was able to take Tarcarn but not without the loss of one of my units to a Greater Fire Elemental (GFE). (just NE of Tarcarn)  Apparently these GFE one hit kill early game units.  The positive from this is that any enemies coming from that direction will also have to deal with the GFE before reaching my Kingdom.

Warlock Four-Player-AAR-Session1-TCT Turn 18a

Turn 18b

The situation in the southeast has become worrisome.  Both MD and Barth are massing troops along Kingford’s border while to the west a strong neutral city has been discovered.  If MD and Barth make an alliance I will be up a creek.

Warlock Four-Player-AAR-Session1-TCT Turn 18b

Turn 19

Good news I was able to hire a hero character.  Meet Bashnak Sly Eyes goblin sharpshooter extraordinaire.  At least that is what I have been promised.  We’ll see if he lives up to the hype.  Until hostilities break out with the other mages I will have Mr. Sly Eyes go gain some experience killing monsters that threaten my northern borders.

Warlock Four-Player-AAR-Session1-TCT Turn 19

LongBlade: Man, I don’t like The Tent’s position. He’s got enemies swelling on his southern border and most of his troops are up north. It’s looking like that Greater Fire Elemental is the least of his worries. Besieging a city in Warlock is never a simple proposition. Each city is capable of defending itself. In addition even the weakest cities have a fair number of hit points and it can take a couple of turns to reduce them to rubble. In theory The Tent can win this engagement, but it will be costly. The question is: what price are MetalDog and Bartheart willing to pay to take him out early? Tuna could end up the big winner here if he can manage to sneak up on one of these guys unaware. Check in next week for AARsday to see what happens!

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