Warlock Four-Player AAR

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LongBlade: The first report of our four-player Warlock brawl was filed by MetalDog and can be found here. MetalDog, it should be noted, has a couple of nom de guerre and folks sometimes refer to him under his Steam moniker, Stophro. It’s the same guy, just a different name. Hopefully this won’t confuse readers if I warn you ahead of time.

I’ve started trying to color code each person’s name with the color of them in the game. MetalDog is blue. Bartheart, I have just learned, is yellow. Yellow (see what I mean?) doesn’t show up too well with a white background so I’m going to use a slightly different color, amber.

Anyway, during the last session the game was just starting and we were following MetalDog as he discovered Bartheart to his southeast. Now I will pick up the narrative from Bartheart’s perspective as he explains his starting position and his reaction to finding his neighbor, MetalDog, so close to his own borders.

Bartheart: Turn 1 – Déjà vu all over again

So, here we go again with a different group of vict… err… players that MetalDog has dug up for our bash fest. Should be interesting.

As seen below my starting location is not great. Lava to the south will damage units just for being there. The barren lands around my city make for poor farming… so food will be scarce… I’ll need more cities quickly… with better farmland. The good thing about my start is I have iron in my city ring and silver just outside. These resources will help my troops and money situation.


Turn 4 – Off to a whining start

Ok this sucks! My first city has expanded and it’s done more exploring than my armies have! I ran into a local skeleton city, seen to the northeast and a bunch of spiders. They both are kicking my arse….


Turn 6 – Here we go again

So finally get my guys moving around and then find out I’m near Stophro again. Here his men are trying to take a neutral city. I also spot Command Tent’s men roaming around. This is going to be cozy…..


Turn 12 – We come from a land down under

Finally raised enough of an army to take the neutral city to the northeast. Still crappy farming but it’s a skeleton city and they don’t need food.

Really close borders for the three of us… wonder where Tuna (Tuna is getting a dark green color) is hiding…..?


Turn 20 – Stuck in the middle with you

A few more turns of build up and building a settler, I try, peacefully, to build in greener pastures. See those donkeys and pigs. Great for troops and food. Stophro has different ideas though and declares war and tries to kill my poor defenceless settler.


The settler escapes and my army beats on the Blue Meanies for a while. This will get expensive fast…..


Turn 22 – Gang’s all here

Well that’s just great. We’re all here within a stone’s throw on the same continent and I’m backed against lava…

My settler makes a new town while my army continues to pick away at Stophro.


Meanwhile I’ve made a non-aggression pack with Command Tent. Hopefully that will limit the fighting for a bit.



Turn 24 – Enemy at the Gates

Stophro’s army includes a mage hero that is laying waste to my army. Here he’s managed to get troops right up to my city. I have a very wounded Gnome hero in the city hoping to get healed.

So to start the defence of the city I throw a lightening bolt spell at his unit. I get some kind of Spell Combo “bonus” and the lightening strikes his hex AND all the surrounding hexes!!! WTF?!? His unit is blasted to bits but so is my hero!! No idea how or why that Spell Combo thingy works….need to investigate….

New city is helping with the food shortage, see top left of info bar.


LongBlade: Well, things are getting interesting. Tune in next AARsday to find out what the other two opponents in this Warlock game are up to.

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