Twilight Struggle: An AAR – Part 13

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Our AAR of the new digital Twilight Struggle enters Turn 2 ~

Michael Eckenfels, 29 April 2016




Here we go…there are two more Action Rounds left in this second Turn. Let’s see what Moscow decides on this time…


Of course the Communists would have one of the more powerful US cards in his hand. And of course he’d just blow it on the Space Race track, which of COURSE gives him +2 VP. That’s now +13 VP in favor of the bloody Russians.


So, I can go and use the CAPTURED NAZI SCIENTIST* card to put myself on the same space of the Space Race track, gaining myself 1 whole VP for the effort.


Or, I could play NASSER* for Ops. This would give the Soviets 2 Influence in Egypt, though since I already have 1 there myself, it would not give him Control. I could use those 2 Influence I get to gain Control of Libya, or possibly just put them both in South Africa, though if he does have the AFRICA SCORING card I’m going to be hosed no matter what.


There’s always THE CHINA CARD, with its 4 Ops. I could use those 4 Ops to gain yet more Influence in Africa, where I think I’m going to need it, and just wait for the last AR to use the Scientist card and hopefully get a few VP out of it.



I’m taking a big chance that he DOES have that Scoring card, as I used China to place 1 Influence in Angola, removing the USSR’s Control over that Battleground country, and 1 Influence in Zaire, removing his Control there as well (and it happens to be another Battleground country). If he does have that Scoring card as I suspect, he’s going to come back and play in Africa, I think. We will see…


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