Twilight Struggle: An AAR – Part 6

frontier wars 728x90 KS

How’s the new digital Twilight Struggle play? ~

Michael Eckenfels, 22 April 2016




ts aar-055



ts aar-056


I knew it. KNEW IT. The USSR plays the ASIA SCORING card, upping the +2 USSR VP total to +7 USSR. I am so hosed.


It’s important to note that you absolutely cannot hold a SCORING card from one Turn to another; if you have one in your hand, you lose the game at the end of the Turn. Period. End of story. Lights out for democracy. And all that jazz. Fortunately, this is one screwup I don’t have to worry about…this time, anyway.


ts aar-057


I have a Presence in the Middle East, giving me +4 VP. However, he has Domination in the Middle East, giving him +9 VP. This is a net +3 VP for his Communist ideals. Add that to the +2 USSR VP that was already there and he now the Victory Track reflects +9 USSR VP.


Boy, ain’t that just a great start. We might have been better off with ex-porn star Mountain Dew Camacho or whatever his name was.



(Oops! No US Turn headline image…sorry!)

My choices are limited; I really don’t want to fire the SOCIALIST GOVERNMENTS* Event for the USSR…like he needs more Influence on the map right now. So, I’m going to pull what many think is a newbie issue and play it on the Space Race track.


ts aar-058


I’m sure this will result in abject failure. Though…surely the brilliant minds at newly-formed NASA won’t find a way to disappoint the Free World…



ts aar-059


Yep! They found a way.


Not only is it a failure, but it’s the most failed failure possible by rolling a 6.


The game doesn’t like me very much.


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