Twilight Struggle: An AAR – Part 4

frontier wars 728x90 KS

How’s the new digital Twilight Struggle play? ~

Michael Eckenfels, 20 April 2016




ts aar-044


ts aar-045


He plays DE-STALINIZATION* for its Event, which lets him re-arrange Influence (namely, up to 4, but no more than 2 can be placed).


ts aar-047


He gets to move Influence to any non-US controlled country, and it looks like he moves 2 to Pakistan, giving him Control. In taking screenshots, I missed where he placed them, and can’t see when comparing them, where he placed other Influence. It must have just been Pakistan, though I’m probably missing something.




ts aar-046


Time to keep rolling this here Freedom Train right off the tracks! Let’s see what disaster I can create for the free world THIS round.


ts aar-049


Because my choices are limited due to some really, really bad cards, I’m going to play KOREAN WAR* for Ops and pray the results aren’t terrible.


ts aar-048


Well, how about that? We won the war. They had to roll a 4-6 on a die to win, and the -1 for Controlling Japan means a result of 3. We win…but just barely.


Of course, this win is only because the USSR helped me get it by giving me that Control in Japan. So, yeah, there’s that.


ts aar-050


I use the Ops points to place Influence, and put both of them in Jordan. I would have put them in Egypt to gain Control of a Battleground Country instead of a ‘normal’ one like Jordan, but I need to get access to Iraq for Influence placement.


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  1. Keith Rose says:

    Enjoying the AAR – will probably buy the game – one question, on Steam it says compatible OS is WinXP – is this correct? I do have an XP machine but would prefer to play on my main Win10 PC – will the game run? seems odd launching a game on an unsupported OS.

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