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Origins Coverage – You tell us!

What do you want to see from the show? ~

GrogHeads Staff, 08 June 2016

This time next week we’ll be setting up the GrogHeads Central Command at Origins, and firing up a couple of drop-in afternoon games for Wednesday, before our full program starts on Thursday.

In addition to our events, we’re going to have all sorts of coverage from the show itself.  You tell us – what do you want us to cover while we’re there?  Give us your votes below.

And watch GrogHeads for coverage starting a week from today!

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News! Origins Releases On-Site Program Book

Check out the latest from GAMA ~

GrogHeads Newsdesk, 08 June 2016

The Origins on-site program (PDF) has been released.

Of note to the GrogHeads community is the map of the gaming hall, that show where we’re co-located with several of our wargaming partners, and nicely nestled near the front of the D-Hall.

Origins Map

Of course, they just labeled us “War Gamers” even after years of specifically branding this as “GrogHeads Central Command”…  Le sigh.

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Tracer Rounds – The Inaugural Column

A new weekly column ~

Brant Guillory, 4 January 2016


So it’s a new year, with an updated look in our forums, and the continuing evolution of our community overall here at GrogHeads.  And with the new year, we’re launching a few new ideas, starting with this one, a new weekly column.  I’m going to have some regular things I’ll hit each week, but first, I wanted to take a few moments and talk about where this comes from.

GHLogoTextFirst, this needs come clarifying:  I’m not “the guy that runs GrogHeads”.  There’s a partnership of several of us.  We had a few other founders who have left the team for their own personal reasons over the years, but there’s more than just me here steering the ship, and always has been.  I’m just the most visible one, because I’m the editorial content guy here, and that also translates into making sure we distribute the content through social media channels.  But anyone that thinks that les GrogHeads c’est moi is mistaken.

When we decided we wanted to include ‘front page’ content – regular columns, reviews, AARs, etc – the hope was to recapture some of the intelligent, erudite, and insightful commentary we’d previously been a part of elsewhere.  It was a high bar to shoot for, and it would be foolish to claim we’ve cleared it regularly, though not for lack of trying.  Personally, I was hoping for the front page to become the “Grantland of wargaming” which is crazy-hard to do with our budget, which consists of a handful of free games, some pocket lint, and about 11¢.  But there’s another reason why it’s so hard.

Merry Christmas, Grogs!

Share your holiday thoughts here, and then get off the internet and go play some games!

Last Call for Readers’ Choice Award Nominations

Command Air Naval Ops GH Award LogoHey everyone – now that 2015 is almost wrapped up, we need to remind you to get your nominations in for our Readers’ Choice Awards.

Note that many of our forumites will offer suggestions for categories, but we will re-sort them as needed based on the nominations, when the time comes.

The only rule is that the game (or expansion, as appropriate) must have been released in the 2015 calendar year.

Look for voting to open up in early January, and run until the end of the month.

GrogHeads Holiday Buying Guide 2015


Do people claim you’re hard to shop for? Just point this to this list, and hope they get the hint! Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of games on the list, but first, some fun stuff ~




hbg-tankHey, we’re not that far removed from TANKSgiving, so why not an M1 tank? It’s 1:16 scale, can get up to 60 feet from your remote, and for some reason has actual headlights. Cruise the back yard, chase the dog, and assault the annoying neighbors.

And if the modern M1 isn’t your thing, you can go back to WWII and bust out a Jagdpanther, too.



Keep tabs on your tank with a drone sporting an onboard computer that lets you fly manually, or programmed and on autopilot. It can orbit, fly over, or hover, without you touching a remote.  Just don’t ask what it costs – remember, you’re not supposed to pay for it!

GrogHeads Reader Feedback Survey, Fall 2015

Tell us all about yourselves!  Well, in about 8 questions or so, at least…

GrogHeads Reader Feedback Survey, Fall 2015

Create your own user feedback survey



Pop into our forums to chat, too!

GrogHeads Central Command at Origins 2015 – Saturday!

Saturday is the “BIG” day, with lots of games, lots of shopping, and just, well…  lots of everything.

click images to enlarge



The bomber is grog-approved!



See? We told you!