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GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #87


And on the Frith Day, he gave us GARPA! ~


7th Sea, Second Ed (John Wick)
$481k of $30k, ends 13 March 2016

Another project that blew through its funding goal so fast that it almost feels like they’re just making up stretch goals as they go. 7th Sea was a beloved RPG that was popular in the early 00’s, in large part because the world of Theah was such a fantabulous setting. The creator now has the rights to his game back, and is updating all the material for re-publication, and by the looks of it, there’s a few thousand people that can’t wait to get back on the train. Sail over to their Kickstarter page and marvel at the depths of their stretch goals and drop your doubloons on your own pledge.



GrogHeads Reviews Heroes of Steel


Dungeon Crawling Underground!  But how does it play? ~

By Avery Abernethy


Heroes of Steel is a turn based, combat RPG set in an underground world. Your four characters follow the traditional meme of a medieval world. This is a small party, turn based, combat sim. There is a story to string the combat along, but you have no choices in character personality or alignment. You are good. Your enemies are evil. You need to kill all of the evil.

To strike down the evil hordes you have a party composed of a fighter, a cleric, a thief and a wizard. There is one variant for each character type. For example, your cleric can be based more on healing or more on combat. The thief can be a bow equipped sniper who opens chests and detects traps. Or your thief can be more focused on a stealthy hand-to-hand combat while also opening locked chests and detecting traps.

HofSteel-Your fighter

Star Citizen – Videos!

Space adventure on your PC ~

Craig Handler, 20 January 2016

Check out some outer space adventuring with voiceovers from Jarhead over at GrogHeads.

Star Citizen v 2.1, along with some commentary and background of the game.

We’re also chatting about the game and showing off other videos in our forums >>


GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #85


GARPA!  Special Weekend Edition ~

Invierno Cubano: Castro’s Counterinsurgency, 1959-1965 (GMT Games)
p500 $19, MSRP $28 (not there yet)

An expansion for Cuba Libre, Invierno Cubano expands Cuba Libre to focus on Castro’s initial time in charge, as he consolidated power through his own counterinsurgency.  Factions include Casto’s forces, the rich landowners threatened by the socialist revolution, the escapees to the US that want to strike back at the new government, and Batista’s holdouts hoping to take the country back.  It’s almost like a whole new game on the same map.  Wade ashore at GMT’s p500 site to get your order in!


GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #83


Here comes GARPA! ~

Mark H Walker’s ’65 (Flying Pig Games)
$27k of $16k, ends 17 December 2015

The latest Kickstarter for Flying Pig is here, as previewed on The GrogCast’65 brings tactical combat in Vietnam to your desktop.  Building on the same system they’re using for Night of Man, this card-driven game forces some agonizing decisions on you to manage your forces during intense shootouts. All the Mark Walker hallmarks are here – stunning counters, tight storylines, and fast, fun gameplay. March over to the campaign page and pledge already!


Fortune & Glory – First Look!


Span the world in a boardgame!  We look at what’s inside the new box ~

Michael Eckenfels, 4 November 2015


I ordered Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game about a month ago and got it a few days before a business trip. That business trip kept me away for a week, and then once back I had a lot of catchup to do…so I’m finally having time to open this bad boy up to show it off.

This game is by Flying Frog, whom also made Shadows of Brimstone (another game of theirs that I own). I really liked the Indiana Jones feel to this game – a comparison that is inevitably made in just about any forum or article anywhere about it. It’s just as well, since it is a very apt description.


The box is huge and comes in at about 8 pounds or so (I’m working from memory on the weight from when it shipped to me). There’s a lot of stuff under the hood here, and I’ve seen plenty of videos on it to know what’s in store…but still, it’s nice to experience this for myself!

GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #80


If it’s Friday, it’s GARPA!  Unless, y’know, it’s not GARPA because it’s the off-Friday where we run fun Zombie-themed stuff or something else.

Brant Guillory, 30 October 2015


Scythe (Stonemaier Games)
$1.29mil of $33k and yes you read that right, ends 5 November 2015

Roll Save vs “Ooooooh”.  You failed.  Seriously.  You gotta see this game; it’s a visual treat. It’s 2-hour(ish) playtime for 1-5 players, so it scales nicely from solo to game-group play, and has countries in an alt-history Eastern Europe fighting over technology and resources in in the 1920s.  It’s proto-industrialism without the Steampunk tropes, and manages to blend almost-familiar nationalities with giant ‘mechs, 4x mechanics, and decent dose of sci-fi storylines.  Oh yeah, and it looks good, too.  It’s not like they need our help to succeed, but you might need our help to find their campaign page.



Classic Reviews: Enchanted Locations


Brant Guillory, 26 August 2015

Flip through it, and compare your needs to the price tag. But don’t just drop $30 on a book full of maps, because the B&W maps aren’t as useful as you might think, and the supporting information is sparse.

Yeah, it’s several years old, but I got it one summer at Origins. And there’s no review of it in the archives (ed note: “the archives” of the original site), so for a lot of you, Enchanted Locations may be new to you, too.

This book is from Fast Forward Entertainment, and was put together by James Ward, one of the “grandfathers” of the game. It is d20 compatible.

First Impressions

This book looks good. It chock full of maps, which gamers love. In truth, that’s one of the main reasons I grabbed it. I’m a map geek – a seriously cartography-addicted gamester. These maps are black and white, but detailed. There’s no index, but it really isn’t needed, since the table of contents covers all the big entries. However, an index might have been helpful to find specific treasures and/or encounters.

Digging In

Reading through the table of contents, you notice an imbalance of maps and encounters. Although there are about 75 maps spread across levels 2-21, there are very few low-level maps. I happen to like lower-level games; the balance of survival and heroism to me is more entertaining than power-blasting your way through every encounter.