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2017 Convention Calendar

Your local convention…  and plenty of national ones! ~

GrogHeads Staff, 25 January 2017

A few of these have already passed…  sorry – we were trying to get the later-in-the-year dates together, but some of them have yet to be announced.  We’ll update this all year long, so keep it bookmarked for reference!

If we missed your favorite – leave us a comment with the link at the bottom, and we’ll get it added.

Siege of Augusta
13-15 January, Augusta, GA

Winter Offensive
12-15  January, Bowie, MD
MMP’s key ‘local’ convention full of all things ASL, other MMP games, and late-night Eurogaming.

Game On!
9-12 Feb, Seattle, WA
An ASL tournament, along with the Hank Award and all sorts of hex-and-counter goodness.

Convention Report – Buckeye Game Fest 2016


What happens when gamers get together and just, y’know play games?! ~

Gary Mengle, 01 October 2016

From September 5-12 wargamers, local and from far away, gathered in Columbus, Ohio for the annual War Room. The War Room is an event that runs in parallel with the Buckeye Game Fest, a show that draws hundreds of gamers from around the region and put on by the Columbus Area Board Gaming Society — the same group that hosts the Board Room at Origins, and which boasts massive attendance at its weekly meetings. Euro games, card games, rail games and racing games — you name it, they’re all on display at Buckeye Game Fest. But the War Room is for wargamers, and we get an extra three days to partake.


Scenes from GenCon 2016

What happens when you wander around GenCon with a camera and an overdose of caffeine? ~

Michael Dunn (special to GrogHeads), 20 August 2016

While GrogHeads doesn’t have the official presence at GenCon that we do at Origins, we still sneak in someone to play games and take pictures.  This year, we borrowed Mike to do the honors for us.

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See you guys next year?  Maybe!

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Origins! Carolina Game Tables


Beautiful furniture for your gaming goodness ~

Brant Guillory, 21 June 2016

photos by Corinne Mahaffey

Carolina Game Tables were showing off some of their creations in the Studio 2 booth (with the Savage Worlds guys).

Dropped interiors and dining-room quality looks make for some great tables, and the staff even showed us how easy it was to pop the top on and off.

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Origins! Exhibit Hall


Lots to see! ~

Brant Guillory, 21 June 2016

The exhibit hall is hardly just for wargames, but gamers of all types will find plenty to play there.

The best advice we can give folks about the exhibit hall?  Find 5 games you’ve never even heard of, and ask the booth crew to show them to you.  They live for showing off their games, and while you might not find something that’s you’re perfect game, you might find find the right one to recommend to a friend somewhere down the line.

photos by Corinne Mahaffey, click to enlarge

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Origins! Lock ‘n Load Publishing


What’s Dave got on the tables this year? ~

Heath - IMG_6867Corinne Mahaffey, 21 June 2016

We had a chat with David Heath of LNLP at Origins

What is your new game?
Hollow Cell is our new science fiction squad game.  The kids are loving it. (ed note: seriously, we couldn’t drag the teens away from the table on this one)

Of the games you sell, which one is your favorite?
Lock and Load Tactical.  We have lots of different fronts and theaters, and since they have the same underlying system, you are not learning new rules every time.

What is your favorite mechanic?
No specific tactic, but I like games that come down to the last turn.  The game is not as fun if I know by turn five of ten that I have no hope of winning.

If you like ____, you will like our game _____
If you like Advanced Squad Leader, you will like Lock and Load Tactical.

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Origins! Last Day Wrap-up


What do you do when it’s all been done? ~

Corinne Mahaffey, 20 June 2016

Sunday is a weird day at Origins.  The high points of Friday and Saturday are over, and it’s a thinner crowd.  Some people are intent on finding a possible last minute deal in the Dealer’s Room, others are squeezing out the last possible bit of gaming time.  And many people are trickling off homewards.

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Origins! Lost Battalion Games


LBG - IMG_7219Origins Awards Winners! ~

Corinne Mahaffey, 19 June 2016

Lost Battalion Games won an Origins Award for Best Game Accessory for their A Place 2 Play map system.

What is your new game?
Hell on Wheels is an expansion to Sergeants! and plays with both D-Day and the minis.  Hell on Wheels allows a person to drive a tank from the viewpoint of the crew, like the fury movie.

What is your personal favorite game?
Battlegroup is a carrier naval game as a card game that plays better than anything I’ve ever played.  I thoroughly enjoyed designing it with my mentor, S. Craig Taylor Jr.

What is your favorite mechanic?
The story system in Sergeants! changes the turn sequence dynamically, inserting random events without requiring the GM to determine what will happen.

If you  like ____, you will like Sergeants!.
If you like Up Front, you will like Sergeants because it is a man to man patrol level game.


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