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Origins War College 2017 Schedule

What’s on tap for this summer’s lectures at Origins? ~

GrogHeads Staff, 29 April 2017

The Origins War College has been folded into the overall lecture/seminar program at the convention.  But they’re still sort-of separated out into 2 distinct program tracks, each in their own rooms.

There’s plenty of interesting talks, and many of them staffed/hosted by the NSDM crew.

GrogCast Season 2, Episode the Last

GrogCast Season 2, Episode the Last
The GrogCast

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19 January 2016 ~

Season 2 of the GrogCast wraps with a visit from Merle Robinson of the National Security Decision Making Game.  He gives us the rundown of what NSDM is, some of its history, and the recent goings-on.


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