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GrogCast Season 2, Episode 12

GrogCast Season 2, Episode 12
The GrogCast

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8 December 2015 ~

Season 2 of the GrogCast rolls on, with both our radio broadcast (Friday nights, 9pm Eastern, Shortwave radio 5110 WBCQ), and now the downloadable version on Tuesdays.  GrogCast sponsor Lock’n’Load Publishing brings us game designer and academic game guy Dr Rex Brynen of McGill University in Canada, as we talk about ways in which wargames have helped in the classroom, and in real-world training beyond just the military.


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  1. […] smoother following its extensive playtesting over the next several years. Rex has, on occasion, given me some credit for “helping design” Aftershock, which significantly overstates my contribution – primarily nursing a beer and throwing random […]

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